As the UK commemorates the deceased of 7/7 the government moves to tighten surveillance

July 6, 2015 By Emma Procter

UK –  After four home-grown suicide bombers killed 52 London commuters on 7 July 2005, Prime Minister Tony Blair vowed that Britain would stop at nothing to defeat terrorism. “Let no one be in any doubt,” he said. “The rules of the game are changing.” Since the

Dubai authorities deny mosque metal detectors report

By Emma Procter

UAE – Dubai authorities have denied there are plans to install security metal detectors in the emirate’s mosques. The comment came in response to a video that has gone viral on social media that purports to show walk-through airport-style metal detectors being installed in a Dubai


Indian PM calls on IT community to serve world and ‘bring peace’ with credible cyber security

July 3, 2015 By Emma Procter

INDIA – Describing cyber-related risks as a global threat, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has called upon the country’s IT community to serve the entire world by building credible cyber-security systems. “I dream of a digital India where high-speed digital highways unite the nation. 1.2 billion


Saudi Arabia to install surveillance cameras in key mosques

By Emma Procter

KSA – Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans to install surveillance cameras in key mosques throughout the kingdom, following recent terror attacks at a mosque. The project is being completed by The Saudi Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance. The move is expected to strengthen


Global market for civilian aerial drones will be worth more than US $2 billion by 2023

By Emma Procter

UAE – The UAE government has launched a ‘Drones for Good Award’ which it says is “dedicated to transforming the innovative technologies behind civilian drones into practical, realisable solutions for improving people’s lives today.” Consumer and commercial drones have surged in numbers, with estimates by BI Intelligence