Samsung securing its smarts TVs before they control homes

January 3, 2016 By Emma Procter

US – Samsung has announced a new “three-layer security solution” named GAIA for its range of smart TVs, with the aim of securing information stored on the devices themselves (e.g. account passwords and credit card information) as well as data transmitted “between the TV and [Internet


Dubai firefighters get things under control at scene of The Address hotel

By Emma Procter

UAE – After the horrendous blaze on New Year’s Eve at the 63 storey The Address hotel in Downtown Dubai, firefighters have managed to get the situation under control and extinguished the remaining small pockets of fire at the site. On his Twitter account, Sheikh Mohammed bin

Fire engulfs iconic Address hotel in Dubai on New Year’s Eve
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Dubai advisory SEVIA looks at the increasing need for innovation when it comes to cyber security

By Emma Procter

Special to SSN Gulf… Zabeen Ahmed, Founder of Dubai top innovation advisory firm SEVIA, argues that all companies need to up their game when it comes tech security WE LIVE IN a world run by technology – everything from communications, banking, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, and education is conducted through