Firas Jadalla, Regional Director - Middle East and Africa, Genetec3

Genetec kicks off Middle East roadshow across the region

UAE Genetec, a leading provider of open architecture security and public safety solutions, has embarked on a six country roadshow in the Middle East.

The company will demonstrate the latest core features in Security Center 5.6 and its open architecture environment that supports a large ecosystem of cameras, access control hardware, and IP communications hardware.

Roadshow dates

The roadshow runs from today until 9 May 2017, beginning in Doha, Qatar (26 April), Lebanon (28 April 28); Cairo, Egypt (2 May); Dubai, UAE (3 May), Muscat, Oman (4 May), Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (8 May) and ending in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (9 May).

The roadshow will address the recent surge in demand for understanding the benefits of unified physical security and how an open architecture environment can benefit enterprise, government, transport, education, and retail and banking customers.  Integrators, end-users, consultants and partners will highly benefit from the unique sessions and hands-on experiences these shows provide, covering all of the latest security and services innovations from Genetec.

Senior presence

A Genetec senior executive will attend each event to throw the spotlight on the company’s latest product releases, including Security Center 5.6, Mission Control, and Retail Sense – advanced customer analytics. The event is expected to address the recent mandates for some Middle East countries to undertake new security directives as a result of increased public awareness and compliance.

To date, numerous physical security solutions, including intruder alerts, video surveillance, electronic locks, perimeter protection, door alarms, access control protocols, and identification systems, are climbing at an unprecedented rate.

In addition, Genetec will address the growing adoption of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) connecting smarter, networked systems, with the warning that these new ‘sensors’ must also be protected or ‘hardened’ against cyber hacking and attack.

“Genetec remains committed and focused on bringing new, innovative IP security solutions to the growing security market in the Middle East,” said Firas Jadalla, Regional Director for Middle East and Africa, Genetec.

“Our objective is to get closer to the end-user by building loyal partners through events like this roadshow, which allows us the opportunity to engage, share our vision, and present best practices to our customers, consultants and integrators. The ‘Genetec Middle East Roadshow’ is organized as an educational event that goes both ways—we share our ideas and innovations and our partners ask questions and tell us what they think,” he added.

During the event, participants will get a full day of detailed presentations on the latest releases – featuring Genetec executive Francis Lachance, Director, Video and Appliances Product Group; Simon Barnes, Genetec Director of Business Development; and Evgenia Ostrovskaya, Global Business Development Director, Kiwi Security.