Abu Dhabi cops catch heroin dealer after surveillance

UAE – Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) have successfully arrested a drug dealer of Asian origin during ‘Operation Falcon Eye’. Due to stringent surveillance efforts the officers were able to catch the crook who had 3 kilograms of heroin in his possession.

Colonel Taher Ghareeb Al Dhaheri, Director of ADP’s Drug Control Department, said that they had information about the existence of a suspicious person trying to promote heroin, classified as one of the most dangerous types of narcotic toxins. The criminal was caught trying to sell heroin capsules in Abu Dhabi, Al Dhaheri added.

During the time of his arrest, he was found in possession of a quarter of a kilogram of the capsules. The dealer’s residence was also searched, where the remaining narcotics were found.

Al Dhaheri called on members of the community to communicate through official channels provided by Abu Dhabi Police to deal with any promotion, smuggling, transfer or use of drugs, pointing out the importance of quickly reporting such incidents for police to take timely measures necessary to ensure the safety and security of society.