As Intersec Dubai swings into view, surveillance steps up to support infrastructure boom

AS WE HEAD to Intersec Dubai 2016, a lot at stake for security companies eyeing this part of the world, as reports suggest Middle East infrastructure spend will exceed US $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years, massively increasing demand for technology that protects assets and maximises investment – in terms of both operational and financial efficiency.

According to experts, the pressure is firmly on the global surveillance industry to step up and deliver multi-functional solutions that offer benefits way beyond a traditional security remit.

“Investment in the region spans many sectors, from critical utilities assets and tourism facilities, to transportation network improvement and expansion,” said Paul Webb, Chief Executive of global surveillance specialist Synectics, which has a dedicated UAE office. “In fact more than $120 billion is committed to projects such as roads and bridges. Rail, air and sea-port hubs are also witnessing unprecedented levels of investment.

“These are incredibly diverse areas, all with distinctive needs, but a common thread throughout is the requirement for complete situational awareness; the ability to detect and respond to anything from terrorist threat or faulty equipment to public usage trends. It’s a scenario that can only truly be fulfilled by systems integration – often incorporating a complex mix of technologies and providers. Investors and asset owners are aware that database agnostic surveillance command and control solutions offer one of the best routes to this level of integration, and are subsequently challenging providers to offer systems that, quite simply, do more.”

To tackle this demand, Synectics has brought to the market a series of new solutions and product enhancements spanning its COEX camera range and its evolved Synergy 3 command and control platform.

Exhibiting at Intersec, the company recently secured a number of significant projects across the region, including the surveillance contract for Phase III of the North East Bab (NEB) Field Development, an expansion of the Rumaitha and Shanayel oil fields, and a high profile education centre in Bahrain.