Bank Sohar in Oman opts for attendance solution from Touchless Biometric Systems AG.

OMAN – Bank Sohar in Oman has selected the 3D-Touchless finger scanning technology for time and attendance recording from Swiss firm Touchless Biometric Systems AG.

The bank has installed the system at its HQ in Muscat and rolled it our in its branches across Oman.

The bank said it required the most precise and secure technology available on the market to upgrade the Time & Attendance system for the Bank’s 30 premises and over 500 staff located throughout Oman.

TBS 3D-Touchless technology scans the whole finger, not just the fingerprint. This gets round the problem often encourtered with so called ‘difficult fingers’ that may have abrasions or dirt or tattoos which can impair the reading.

The solution was integrated by TBS’ Partner, United Systems into the existing network with various configuration options and tailoring to specific customer requirements including Arabic language on all terminals.