China: AI-powered CCTV cameras catch another wanted fugitive

CHINA – Unlike in some countries, China’s facial recognition tech is working, and it’s Black Mirror scary for its citizens.

Facial recognition cameras at a music concert over in Zhejiang province, eastern China, recently identified a “wanted” man, known as “Yu”, Qianjiang Evening News reported.

Chinese authorities had been investigating Yu since 2015 over a dispute involving potatoes. He was accused of not paying their 110,000 yuan (US $17,200) worth and fled Shandong province, about 700 kilometers (435 miles) north of Zhejiang.

Police arrested Yu as he was leaving Jiaxing Sports Stadium, where popular Hong Kong singer Jackie Cheung had been performing. “A few minutes after he passed through the security checkpoint, our system issued a warning that he was a wanted person,” Shen Yueguang, an official from the Nanhu District Public Security Bureau, was quoted as saying.

This is the third time China’s facial recognition tech has led to arrests of wanted fugitives at a Jackie Cheung concert in the last two months. This was not lost on users of Weibo, China’s Twitter equivalent.