Emirates rejects in-flight hacking claim

UAE – Emirates Airline has denied a security consultant’s claims that the in-flight entertainment system used by 13 major airlines could be hacked, thus compromising passenger safety.

Ruben Santamarta, principal security consultant at IOActive, told The Telegraph newspaper in the UK recently that a security flaw in the Panasonic Avionics inflight system could place passenger information and safety at risk, and disrupt their flight experience.

The system is used by Emirates, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways and 10 other airlines.

Santamarta managed to hijack in-flight displays to change information such as altitude and location, control the cabin lighting and hack into the announcements system, according to The Telegraph.

Emirates confirmed that its aircraft were equipped with the Panasonic Avionics in-flight system, but “there is no risk to the safety of our aircraft,” a spokesperson said.