Eye on expansion for Sony Professional Solutions ME; Aydin Tolan, business head, discusses the future

UAE – Sony is a force to be reckoned with in 4K Ultra HD, having pioneered 4K workflow solutions for the professional video & film market and developed leading consumer solutions.

The security arena is where Sony is making fast inroads – and perhaps shaking up a few competitors along the way. A good example would be the announcement of Sony adding 4K imaging to its security line with the SNC-VM772R camera. 4K technology gives security users the ability to capture content at four times the resolution of Full HD (1080p).

The new model combines the enhanced resolution of 4K with low-light sensitivity leveraging 1.0 type back Illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor, bandwidth optimisation features, and intelligent scene capture capability to adopt the best picture quality, ideal for city surveillance, transportation, railway, traffic monitoring and airport surveillance applications.

“4K is the new standard in video security, but it is important to note that 4K imaging is more than just increased resolution,” said Aydin Tolan, business head, Visual Security Solutions, Sony Professional Solutions MEA (pictured),  “We believe it is the next resolution standard in the security industry. It is the key to expanding the application potential of security cameras. The increased resolution covers a larger area in greater detail, improving situational awareness and ensuring nothing is missed. These benefits help security professionals reduce installation and operating costs as fewer cameras are needed for specific areas.”

SSN Gulf spoke recently to Aydin– who has played a key role in positioning Sony in the minds of GCC security professionals as a go-to brand – and asked for his assessment of the market over 2015 so far and about Sony’s participation in Intersec, the region’s annual safety, security and fire protection exhibition.

“The need for IP video security is growing rapidly,” he said. “Compared to other global regions, I would say the Middle East is one of the most developed places when it comes to an awareness of the latest solutions, and also a perspective of how to implement them to the best effect.

“During my many meetings with key industry influencers, my main observations were that they want to have only the highest quality possible security and are interested in the most state-of-the-art offerings. It is a quality-first approach for most of them.”

In terms of Sony’s placement in the regional industry at this point, “We have a strong pipeline here and it is getting bigger,” he said. “We do have very strong level of trust and I believe Sony Professional Solutions MEA is in a great position in this market at this point.”

A good barometer of how far any security arm has come in this region is undoubtedly Intersec Dubai – and the leaf-up to the 2016 edition started in earnest last week.

Report by Amelia Naidoo/Emma Procter