'Username and password' on a fishing hook. Conceptual image about the risk of internet identity theft, also known as 'Phishing'.

GCC exposed to phishing & DDOS attacks, according to Research and Markets report

GCC – Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “GCC Cyber Security Market Focus on Solutions, Services, Application – Estimation & Forecast, 2016-2022” report to its offering.

The region acquires a significant share of the world’s energy resources and with an increased usage of personal internet and smart devices for banking applications over the past few years, the region has become more exposed to phishing and DDOS attacks.

Globally, the UAE is placed at the fifteenth position as a victim of cyber attacks due to the high density of established commercial and government organizations in the country.

The GCC Cyber Security market is estimated to grow over US $10.41 billion by the end of 2022. Currently, Cyber Security solutions are acquiring a major share of the market because of an increase in the internet users in the region with current estimation being approximately 40 million. Also, 45% of the social networking users in the UAE witnessed cyber crimes in 2015.

Cyber space is continually expanding with new and innovative developments like Internet of Things’ and Big Data’, which will add to more levels of complexities and security challenges with regard to the various networks and systems.

Therefore, cyber security will prove to be an important element of any organization and will attempt to provide many opportunities to a number of vendors to foster cyber security solutions in the GCC region.

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