Hikvision, EY join up on information security development project

CHINA – Hikvision, a leading supplier of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, and EY China advisory, recently held a joint conference for the launch of the information security development project in Hangzhou, China.

This is in response to the increasing number of cyber security issues.

Weiqi Wu, Vice President at Hikvision said: “As a world’s leading CCTV and video surveillance equipment manufacturer, Hikvision understands very well the importance of product safety for users, and is committed to taking effective measures to improve the safety of our products and services.

“For example, Hikvision’s information security assurance efforts are built into the lifecycle of its products, including development, verification, manufacturing, delivery and service. Besides, we also actively work with world-leading advisory service organizations, and learn from their experience as well as their advanced management techniques.

“The cooperation with EY helps us to gain advanced technical and management experience in the area of security, and further improve the company’s cyber security capabilities and management standards, so as to provide our valued customers with the highest quality and most reliable products.”

Internet of things (IoT) has been playing an important role in the new round of industry transformation such as ‘Industry 4.0’, ‘Smart City’, ‘Internet +’ and so on..

The rapid development in the IoT world is increasingly raising concerns about whether it increases our exposure to cyber threats.

Hikvision has long term plans for its own information security management system establishments.

“By integrating our global resources including successful credentials, industry practices, professional expertise, as well as local cybersecurity experts, EY will assist Hikvision to meet the challenges of increasing cybersecurity risks and obtain mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation,” said Keith Yuen of EY greater China.