Alex Perfiliev CEO of K5 Distribution

From the Intersec floor: Fire safety firm K5 announce construction of a new UAE-based plant

UAE – Fire safety manufacturers K5 are seeking to make an impact on the Middle East market with unique fire suppression products.

The Russian company, launched one year ago, used its first Intersec Dubai exhibition to announce the construction of a new US $100 million UAE-based plant, where flagship products the K5 Safety Patch and K5 PatchPaint will be made along with a range of fire safety materials.

The Safety Patch is a plastic composite patch which can be placed inside electrical fire flash points. It works by emitting fire supressing chemicals when temperatures reach 110C. K5 is currently the only company in the world that makes the products, said Alexey Perfiliev, CEO.

Perfiliev (pictured) explained that microcapsules embedded within the composite explode and emit fire supressing chemicals when they reach the optimum temperature.

“It is not fire-proofing” he emphasised, “it is fire supressing.”

The Safety Patch comes in a range of sizes, to fit inside electrical sockets and fuse boxes.

Perfiliev said: “These devices are always under stress of electric load, they are very much exposed to creating ignitions for fire.

“The danger comes from the cables, as the cables are often made of plastic, and they heat up when devices are being used, emitting flammable chemicals.”

Of particular risk are overloaded sockets, he said, as well as older connections which loosen from age as they heat up and cool down when devices are switched on and off.

K5 PatchPaint has the same fire supressing qualities as the Safety Patch, and has huge potential for use in the UAE and the wider Gulf region where the proliferation of high-rise buildings makes fire safety extremely important, he said.

“We can paint specific areas that are hidden inside constructed walls to help prevent fires,” said Prefiliev. “What is happening inside high-rise buildings for example, the insulation burns. It is no problem to make a specific product that is particularly needed here. The capacity here is exceptional and this is the one and only paint that is not fire-resistant, not fire proofing but fire supressing.”

While the company originated in Russia, its products are currently in use in Europe and China, with plans to expand into India as well as the Middle East.

The UAE market accounts for 34 per cent of the GCC’s $1.4 billion fire safety market, with demand set to increase as construction gathers pace ahead of Dubai’s EXPO 2020.