Konica Minolta allocates initial 1.5m euro to Mobotix tech development

GERMANY – Mobotix and Konica Minolta have entered into a technology development agreement whereby Mobotix’s hardware and software technologies will be further developed with a view to creating innovative solutions for applications in areas such as smart cities, healthcare, process optimisation and other sectors.

Under the agreement Konica Minolta will allocate an initial amount of 1.5 million EURO in the technology development.

In the context of a distribution partnership, Konica Minolta has already deployed Mobotix cameras at various sites in Japan, China and France such as production facilities, distribution centres and vehicles for security and surveillance, production process monitoring and other applications.

Konica Minolta has also assigned significant sales staff to focus on promoting the use of Mobotix technology through end-customers and channel partners.

“Mobotix is a technology innovator and trusted partner for thousands of organisations around the world,” said Yoshiki Fukai, General Manager, Konica Minolta. “As a first phase of this goal, we are deploying Mobotix technology across our global sites and are working with many of our flagship customers to create innovative new solutions that help solve major challenges in areas including smart cities, healthcare, process optimisation and many other sectors.

“Our partnership creates a relationship that allows us to integrate Mobotix expertise in digital video with the greater Konica Minolta ecosystem for our international clients and partners. This investment is part of an ongoing commitment towards closer collaboration and further investments will be made when necessary to accelerate the growth of Mobotix across a wider geographic reach and within new markets.”

“Konica Minolta is a visionary company that offers a natural fit for our aim to go beyond human vision and deliver innovation within intelligent cyber secure video systems,” said Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix. “Our ongoing partnership which spans across research and development in order to support innovative new projects has been strengthened by the success of these recent projects and we look forward to working closely with the extended Konica Minoltaorganisation.”

Konica Minolta became a strategic investor in Mobotix in 2016 with the stated aim of helping the company to improve its camera technology through innovations such as new high-resolution imaging sensors and high-grade lenses.