As Milestone’s MPOP gets underway, where are the other partner events?


TOMORROW SEES Milestone Systems launch its eagerly anticipated Milestone Partner Open Platform Days (MPOP) at Sofitel Palm Jumeirah, Dubai – a bustling three day industry get together of senior leadership from Milestone and (this year) around 200 delegates from its partner and customer community.

The marketing team at the company says: “The success of Milestone can be contributed to it’s innovative, open platform products and partner community approach.” And it is clear that these events play a big role in ensuring its ongoing success in this region.

But it begs the question – where are the other smaller scale, more intimate security sector events?

There are tons of mammoth trade show for sure, Intersec is now a world leader, the likes of IFSEC, ISNR, OFSEC etc are well received and continue to grow – but smaller networking events are few and far between.

This GCC is now a hub for security firms, either homegrown or key global offices, and many in the industry say it’s time to see new things happening.

Like what you ask? How about conferences that bring together end users, government and commercial resellers, IT security professionals and manufacturers? There is so much change happening that the opportunity to discuss the impending dominance of IP-ready security technology would be welcome it’s clear.

These kind of events – lets loosely call them ‘networking’ or ‘knowledge sharing’ – ensure professionals stay connected with the industry and can enable them to forge important relationships moving forward. They are also a good way to solve common problems.

These events are all about mutual benefits. How can you offer a service or help another? Let’s hope more companies take the initiative in the GCC and start to lead the way in this area.

Meanwhile… see you at the MPOP!