Nest Cam home security camera is ‘always on’ researchers claim

US – Google-owned hardware manufacturer Nest has been forced to deny a claim that its web-connected security cameras keep recording even when turned off, The Register reports.

However, that’s unlikely to quell the fears of users wondering why their camera remains on when the device itself is switched on.

“With that said, when Nest Cam is turned off, it completely stops transmitting video to the cloud, meaning it no longer observes its surroundings”, a representative added.

Nest Cam uses 128-bit SSL to protect customer data, which it says safeguards against anyone hacking into the data while the camera is operational or in “off” mode.

ABI researchers examined the security cam’s power consumption, concluding that when the Nest Cam is “turned off” via its app, the LED light indeed goes away – but the device itself keeps running.

The camera, introduced in June along with a new smoke alarm and thermostat, offers 1080p video and night vision quality that’s superior to that of its predecessor, Nest’s Dropcam. An LED indicator is meant to let you know whether the Nest Cam is on or off, but ABI Research found that the camera drew more power in its Off mode than it did in its lowest-resolution video-recording mode.