New ‘smart bags’ for UAE money transfer firms will be mandatory

UAE – The National Newspaper in Abu Dhabi report that a highly secure bag to combat attempted robberies will be made mandatory for all money-transfer companies next year, according to Dubai Police.

Some Dh600 billion is transported in the UAE every year and robbery attempts are frequently made on money-transfer vehicles.

Employees attempted to steal money from a money-transfer vehicle in the first half of this year, police said

The bag features several security measures such as an alarm system, tracking device, and smoke that is released when the bag is forced open.

“Among the bag’s security features is an ink which will come out of the bag to destroy all the money,” said Col Saeed Al Ayali, director of wanted people department at Dubai Police.

He said cash-transfer vehicle robberies tended to occur when an employee betrayed the company’s trust or a group of criminals organised an attack on the vehicle.

Police said the new smart bag would be adopted by relevant companies by next year along with a list of guidelines to help avoid such incidents.

Some of the guidelines include ensuring employees working in the transfer vehicles are below 45 years old and no two team members are of the same nationality.