Pay with your phone or watch in UAE with Samsung

UAE – Samsung is changing the way people pay, with the launch of its digital wallet service — Samsung Pay — on smartphones and smartwatches in the UAE.

The UAE will become the first country in the Middle East and 14th in the world to introduce the service.

In just under two years since its initial global launch, Samsung Pay is now present in 17 countries, including those with early access, Mohammad Gharaibeh, head of enterprise, mobile business at Samsung Gulf Electronics, told Gulf News.

He said that the UAE has the most suitable and ready environment for the mobile digital wallet service in the region with its telecom infrastructure, financial structure and the readiness of the government to become a cashless society by 2020.

According to industry experts, on the other hand, cash is still the king in the UAE. Almost 75 per cent of people still use cash for payments, they say.