Saudi Arabia’s new sports city installs perimeter solution from UK firm

KSA – Saudi Arabia’s newest international sports facility, King Abdullah Sports City, has installed a Hostile Vehicle Mitigation solution from UK company Townscape as part of a £1.2 million contract.

King Abdullah Sports City is known as the jewel in the desert, and estimated to cost US $507million. The 60,000 seat sports facility boasts the Kingdom’s first FIFA standard football venue, a 2,000-seat multi-purpose indoor stadium and a 1,000-seat athletics pitch alongside a Mosque, hotels and sports hospital.

To ensure security at the site, 600 of Townscape’s PAS 68 CT Blocks were installed around the perimeter of the site. The blocks are able to stop and immobilise a 7.5-tonne-laden vehicle travelling at 30mph and additional approvals have also been obtained at 40mph. The CT blocks are recessed into the surrounding tarmac, concrete or paved area to a depth of only 100mm. This means little disruption is created during installation and no need to re-route underlying services.

The blocks are manufactured from a reconstituted natural stone mix using specially selected aggregates. Additional quartz-rich Cornish finishes can be added to enhance the finish of the exposed natural stone. They are cast around a steel reinforced frame which connects to four stainless steel inserts for lifting eyebolts. Each block weighs 2.2 tonnes and is typically 1490mm long, 990mm deep, 600mm high and manufactured to the PAS 68 standard. The units are tested and approved at the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) for the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI).

The design of the CT block also lends itself to landscaping. It can have timber seating added to it, or granite cladding so it could also be utilised as a planter or a visual architectural element. The blocks can be installed without disruptive major ground works – ideal for sites such as major stadiums.