Security guard in Dubai ‘robbed of cash by con man posing as police officer’

UAE – A security guard thought he was being fined by a police officer when he was in fact being robbed, prosecutors told Dubai Criminal Court last week, reports The National.

The 22-year-old Indian guard said he was sitting on a staircase in Al Riffa at about 5pm on 20 October last year when a man ordered him to stand up and show his Emirates ID.

“He said he was a police officer and flashed a police ID then he snatched my wallet looking for my ID card,” said the guard, adding that the man started questioning him about his residency.

“I told him my residency was issued from Abu Dhabi but I worked in Dubai.”

The defendant allegedly screamed at the guard, slapped him and told him he was breaking the law by working in Dubai when his residency visa was issued in Abu Dhabi.

The guard reported the incident to Al Riffa police station and a week later was asked to come and identify the man, which he did.