Sharjah police launch ambitious new security plan

UAE – The Sharjah Police have a launched a futuristic security project to plan and prepare for the security situation in the emirate up until 2030. The crime rate in the emirate is expected to decrease by 17 per cent by then.

According to the project, by 2030, bounced cheques cases are expected to decrease by 18.4 per cent; juvenile crimes by 42.6 per cent; information technology crimes by 36.5 per cent; thefts from cars by 18 per cent; traffic accidents by 50 per cent; run-over accidents by 25 per cent; fatal accidents by 31 per cent; serious injuries from accidents by 15 per cent; and moderate and minor injuries by 41.5 per cent.

The project was prepared by the Sharjah Police Research Centre in cooperation with over 25 government departments and civil society organisations.