Sharjah police to start using eye scanners to nab fake documents users

UAE – Sharjah Police will start using eye-scanners to detect criminals using fake identification documents, according to a report in Gulf News.

The added security measure, called “iris scan,” compares live eye scans taken in police custody with several networks that store iris files.

Currently, iris scans are used in international airports’ custom gates to accurately identify people entering countries.

According to Colonel Khalifa Kalendar, Deputy Director of Sharjah Police, unlike passports, iris scans can’t be forged.

 The technology will help prevent criminals, who were arrested and deported, from returning to the UAE using forged passports.

Prior to the use of iris scans, foreigners expelled from the UAE could acquire a new name and passport in their native country and return to the UAE.

“The iris-scan system currently used at various ports of the country has achieved amazing results and proved highly efficient in arresting deported people of different nationalities who attempted to enter UAE after forging their passports and obtaining new visit or work visas”, said Colonel Kalendar.

It will also help document the identities of individuals without legimitate identification documents.

Through a camera, the scan photographs the iris of the eye and saves the data in the form of mathematical codes.

To identify suspects, officials can then cross check the recorded iris scans.

Colonel Kalendar added that the scans are the most accurate means of identification according to research.