Steps to better salaries and training for Dubai security guards

UAE – Security guards in Dubai will be given a pay rise and better training thanks to a new law, said the emirate’s Security Industry Regulatory Authority (Sira).

Under Law 12: 2016, basic monthly salaries will rise to Dh1,920 from Dh1,440.

Companies will also be required to provide security guards with better procedure and fitness training.

Under a federal law passed in 2008, the basic monthly wage of security guards in Abu Dhabi and other emirates rose to Dh2,800, drawing those working in Dubai to go elsewhere for better pay.

At the Intersec security conference in Dubai on Tuesday, Khalifa Al Saleis, Sira’s executive director, said the lower salaries in Dubai would affect the standard of security in the emirate in the long term.

“We are looking to get better quality, and I am focused on making security guards proud to be in Dubai. But the industry needs time, that’s why we are doing it in steps,” he said.