Home security salesman murder trial begins in US

US – Jury selection began Monday in the trial of a salesman charged with fatally shooting a potential customer at his front door.

Richard Amezquita, 35, is on trial for the slaying of Kerry O’Toole, 53, for a November 2015 shooting that left an upscale Northside neighbourhood in shock.

According to Amezquita’s attorney, there was a confrontation between the two men prior to the shooting.  He would not discuss the nature of the confrontation.

Amezquita was working in the neighborhood selling home security systems.

Noting that O’Toole had several signs in and around his front door discouraging salesmen and solicitors, neighbourhood residents suggested that the confrontation may have centered on the attitude reflected in the signs.

On the day of the shooting, Kathy Knudson said, “Nobody else in the neighbourhood had signs like that engraved on his door. I don’t know why he was picked.”

From KSAT news