Unity for Security Forum kicks of today in Abu Dhabi

UAE – Abu Dhabi is gearing up to host ministers of Interior and Justice as well as experts and leaders from around the world for the inaugural Unity for Security Forum taking place here from today until 30 March.

Gulf News reports that the forum is being held under the patronage of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and in partnership with Interpol and the Interpol Foundation for a Safer World.

Organisers said that the forum will bring together ministers, senior police officials, and industry representatives to collectively address common issues and identify their responsibilities in implementing a global policing architecture to combat future security threats.

Key areas for unity

Seven priority crime areas will be the focus of the forum including counter-terrorism, cybercrime, cultural heritage, vulnerable communities, vehicle crime, drugs and illicit goods. These will be addressed on local, national and global levels, leveraging the collective expertise of the members of Interpol, and those gathered to enable global police forces to work together to make the world a safer place.

Brigadier Hamad Ajlan Al Amimi, director general of the Federal Criminal Police at the Ministry of Interior, said that the conference is an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the state and the efforts of concerned institutions to enhance the security and stability of society.

“The Ministry of Interior, in close partnership with police leadership, recognise the importance of continually strengthening our relationships with international entities in the fields of security and safety, including our active partnership with Interpol and Interpol Foundation for a Safer World. It is our commitment to cooperate with partners around the world in a way that contributes to enhancing the UAE’s protection of its citizens, culture and general safety,” said Brigadier Al Amimi. “The Unity for Security Forum will contribute to deepening international ties and cooperation, and sharing expertise to contribute to the consolidation of international efforts to tackle crime.”

Interpol backing

Interpol secretary general, Jurgen Stock, said the forum will serve as a platform to provide an overview of a range of important Interpol initiatives and also to identify ways in which governments, law enforcement and the private sector can be even more effective in combining their efforts to better protect society.

“The need for strong political will and support, as demonstrated by the United Arab Emirates in supporting these projects, is of paramount importance in responding to future security challenges,” Stock said.

Elias Murr, president of the Interpol Foundation for a Safer World, said global security can only be enhanced by building strong partnerships between governments, companies and civil society. It is through a comprehensive strategic plan and innovative programmes that these entities, in cooperation with international law enforcement, can combat terrorism and organised crime globally, he said.

Murr added that participants t the forum will focus on introducing new initiatives on global security that will unite the efforts of citizens and law enforcement authorities to eliminate terrorism and reduce the impact of conflict while promoting public well-being in safe and vibrant societies.

In 2016, Interpol Foundation for a Safer World and the UAE Ministry of Interior signed an agreement to headquarter the Foundation’s ‘world bureau’ in Abu Dhabi.

The event is not open to the public, but more information can be found on social media through the hashtag #UnityforSecurity.